Energy Saving Technology
Intelligentization and informatization technology
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1,M-APP cloud control system
We can remotely analyze and optimize the running performance of the dryer and solve the problems in time. The dryer features
- the real-time remote supervision of production status,
- the real-time remote supervision of the industrial control system and analysis of the big data,
- the remote diagnosis of the equipment running condition,
- and large capacity, performance reliable industrial controller hardware.
2,MCG mobile messenger service system
The considerate service system and real-time information of the dryer’s running status can simplifythe dailymanagement.The dryer can
― regularly receive the data of output, fuel consumption, etc.,
―and timely receive the failure alarm messages of the important equipment.
3,Energy management early-warning system 
The energy management system not only controls the temperature and air pressure automatically, but also integrates the information from the sensors, PLCs, computers and driving devices, and calculates the fuel consumption of unit product according to the tile entry/exit quantity and fuel consumption. When the result is abnormal, it can early warn and remind the operators to take measures to adjust ormodify the running parameters of dryer. 
4, GM Gap Management System
When a malfunction of machine occurs or when the workers are changing the mould of press, there will be a gap of tile feeding inside the kiln.The GM gap management system can detect the gap existence and act immediately to minimize the temperature fluctuation and rate of quality defection.The system features
―the temperature regime intervention and treatment,
―automatic control of air pressure;
―and automatic start/stop of loading/unloading tables.
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